Guide to the Friend

    “Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Dec. 2009, 49

    Guide to the Friend

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    1. Read “A Gift for Jesus” (pages 18–19). Have every family member cut out a paper angel. Just as Anna did, write down something that you can give Jesus. Hang it on the tree to remember what you said you would give, and try your best to do that thing every day.

    2. In advance, set out all the ingredients for chocolate-chip cookies. Reduce the chocolate chips by a noticeable amount. Explain that the ingredients that are set out are all you have to use. While the cookies bake, read “The Missing Egg” (pages 28–29). When the cookies are finished baking, allow everyone to eat one. Even though the full amount of the chocolate chips wasn’t used, the cookies still taste good. Discuss how when we give everything we have to give and do our very best, it is good enough.

    3. Read “The Reason for the Wonder” (pages 2–3). Play follow-the-leader, first with the lights off and then with the lights on. Is it easier to follow the leader when the lights are on or off? Christ is called “the light of the world” (John 8:12) because He has set an example that we can follow. What things can you do to better follow Jesus Christ?

    4. Read “The Pink Dresser” (pages 36–37) and sing “‘Give,’ Said the Little Stream” (Children’s Songbook, 236). Heavenly Father has blessed us with many wonderful things. Why is it important to share what we have with others?