A Gift for Jesus

    “A Gift for Jesus,” Friend, Dec. 2009, 18–19

    For Little Friends

    A Gift for Jesus

    It shouldn’t be hard, even though I am small, to think about Jesus, not hard at all ( Children’s Songbook, 71).

    1. Anna sat with her CTR 6 class in the Primary room. Sister Howe told the class,

    Today we are going to talk about Christmas gifts. I would like you to think about what you can give to Jesus.

    What gift could I give to Jesus? I don’t have very much money.

    These gifts don’t cost money. They come from the heart. Who can name a gift you could give to Jesus?

    2. Christina and Mason said,

    I can be reverent in church.

    I can be nice to my little brother.

    3. Sister Howe handed a paper angel to each child.

    You can write a gift you want to give to Jesus on your paper angel. Then the Primary president will put the angels on a tree.

    4. Anna wrote, “I will say my prayers every day.”

    5. The next Sunday, Anna saw the angel tree at church. She looked for her angel and saw it on a branch in the middle.

    I love Christmas, Mom. And this year will be the best Christmas of all.

    Why is that?

    Because I’m giving a gift to Jesus.

    Illustrations by Elise Black