Bundling Up for Christmas

    “Bundling Up for Christmas,” Friend, Dec. 2009, 22–23

    Bundling Up for Christmas

    When the school bell rang on Friday afternoon, big white snowflakes were falling thick and fast. It was the last day of school before Christmas vacation, and the world looked like a wintry wonderland.

    But the activity day girls of the East Mill Creek Fourth Ward in Salt Lake City, Utah, had more to think about than making snowmen or going sledding. They had a mission of love. This afternoon they would be making hats and scarves to keep other children warm on frosty days.

    Right after school, the girls bundled up and headed to the church. They stomped the snow off their shoes and took off their coats. Then it was straight to work.

    The girls turned the Relief Society room into a busy, colorful workshop. At one table, girls cut cozy fleece and fringed and tied the ends to make scarves.

    Other girls sat in a circle and knitted warm hats for children and infants. Using special knitting frames, even the youngest girls became expert hat makers.

    At another table, girls made snowy white pom-poms to give the hats a fun finishing touch. Abby C., age 10, also brought a quilt she made at home to donate to the project.

    The girls would give all their handiwork to the Humanitarian Center. They were happy to know that somewhere in the world, on another cold winter day, some other children just like them will be warmer.

    “This was a great opportunity,” said Olivia V., age 9. “It was our dream to help people.”

    “I love helping other people, and I love making hats.” Abby C., age 8

    “Christmas isn’t just when you get presents. It’s when you help people in need.” Bailey B., age 9

    “This is fun!” Jenna U., age 8

    “I felt very warm inside, and I know my Heavenly Father is happy.” Emma H., age 11

    “I’m glad we’re making these because we have jackets and coats, but they don’t have any. I want to make a lot of hats.” Bailey B., age 9

    “I love helping people in need because if I were them I would love them to do that for me.” Abby C., age 10

    “I enjoyed making the hats because I felt like I finally wasn’t getting but I was giving.” Sarah B., age 8

    “It’s the miracle of giving to people who need it more.” Madison T., age 11

    “It made me feel happy! I will always remember this project. I love to serve others.” Eliza Z., age 11

    “I am happy that I can make a difference at this young age.” Nicole G., age 10

    “I felt so good inside because I was doing a service for others because I’m trying to be like Jesus and be closer to Him.” Ramona P., age 9

    Photographs by Cristy Powell