Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Dec. 2009, 12–13

    Our Creative Friends

    A Family

    A life becomes a family,

    A house becomes a home,

    A family becomes an eternity,

    When we enter God’s own home.

    Makayla E., age 10, Utah

    Baptism Haiku

    Immersed in water

    Lovingly by the priesthood

    I am clean and pure

    Rev’rently I know

    Hands are laid upon my head

    Give the Holy Ghost

    In my heart I know

    The Holy Ghost is guiding

    Me through my whole life

    Jesus died for me

    On the third day He rose up

    From the chains of death

    I can live again

    Because of His sacrifice

    Family with me

    Through the Atonement

    I can repent of my sins

    And return to Him

    Abigail R., age 9, Montana

    The Beauty of the Earth

    The beauty of the earth,

    How wonderful it is.

    Every day I see it.

    The earth is ever changing,

    As seasons turn round and round.

    The beauty of earth:

    Blossoming trees, blossoming flowers,

    Beautiful spring colors,

    Every day I see it.

    A hot wind blowing,

    Sage grass flowing to and fro,

    The beauty of the earth,

    Oak leaves falling their many colors,

    Cherry trees gray and bare,

    Every day I see it.

    Snow covers all life in sight.

    The gophers in their dens sleep.

    The beauty of the earth,

    Every day I see it.

    Josephine S., age 9, Arkansas

    Alexander G., age 8, Washington

    Kayla J., age 11, New Jersey

    Seth M., age 10, Virginia

    Michelle T., age 11, Washington

    Olivia C., age 8, Utah

    Kyler V., age 6, Utah

    Chloe T., age 7, Ohio

    Conner C., age 10, Arizona

    Lynette J., age 11, Idaho

    Caleb C., age 10, Iowa

    Shelly R., age 10, Florida

    Matthew B., age 10, Utah

    Celeste T., age 8, Arizona

    Ethan P., age 9, New Zealand