Guide to the Friend

“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Sept. 2009, 49

Guide to the Friend

Family Home Evening Ideas

  1. Read “Showing the Love in Your Heart” (pages 2–3). Why did the mother feel Fan’s love the most? As a family, think of someone to whom you can show your love. It can be a neighbor, a teacher, a friend, or a family member. Have each family member cut hearts out of paper and write kind notes on them. As a family, deliver the notes to that person.

  2. Before the lesson, allow a small amount of clay or play dough to harden. Read “Scriptures and Bullies” (pages 5–6) and discuss the important role that the Holy Ghost had in helping the girl know how to help Mike. Give a family member some fresh clay. Pick a shape or object for him or her to mold the clay into. Next, give someone the hardened clay and ask him or her to mold it into the same shape. Talk about how we need to be “moldable” so the Holy Ghost can direct us to do Heavenly Father’s work.

  3. As a family, play a board or card game. During the game, talk about how each of you would feel if someone cheated. Read “The Cheating Lesson” (pages 20–21) and take the quiz on page 22. Discuss why it is wrong to cheat.

  4. Read “Campfire Stories and Testimonies” (pages 30–31). As you read, stop occasionally and take a bite of an apple and say how good it tastes. When you are finished reading the story, ask if anyone would like to have an apple also. Read Alma 32:37. The gospel is delicious, and as you gain a testimony of it, you will have the desire to share what you know with others. In what ways can you share your testimony with others?