A Bright Example
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“A Bright Example,” Friend, Sept. 2009, 36–38

Making Friends

A Bright Example

Children all over the world love their family—just like you! This month, let’s meet Isabel Hills of Goffstown, New Hampshire.

Isabel Chooses the Right

Isabel Faye Hills was excited for a very special birthday. On the day she turned eight, she was baptized and confirmed! At home in Goffstown, New Hampshire, Isabel’s family says she is a shining example of staying on the right track with hard work and a great laugh.

Isabel’s Baptism

Isabel helped plan her baptism service, and she made the program herself. She was baptized by her dad and confirmed by her Grandpap Conklin.

Isabel does her best to keep her baptism covenants by reading the scriptures and doing what she learns from them, and by being a good example to her schoolmates and family. She asks children at school to not take the Lord’s name in vain. She tries to help children who get picked on. At home, Isabel follows the rules, tries to avoid contention, and works hard.

At Home

Isabel lives with her mom and dad; sisters Jessie, 11, and Ellie, 5; and brother Jack, 9. They all help take care of their hamster, Brownie, and their bunnies, Smudge and Lucky. In the woods near their house, Isabel’s family goes feather hunting. Wild turkeys nest in the woods, so they find mostly turkey feathers. Sometimes they find hawk and crow feathers. There are lots of rocky areas in New Hampshire, so they hunt for garnets too. Garnets are gemstones that can be many different colors. Sometimes her family cooks in their fire pit. They cook hot dogs, roast marshmallows, and tell stories around the fire.

A Clean Routine

Everyone helps clean house by following the family chore chart. They keep clean hearts with family prayer, family scripture study, and family home evening. Family prayer is before school and before bedtime. And family scripture study is before bedtime too. Isabel likes family home evening because it helps her solve problems at school, and because her family reads stories from the Friend.

Scripture Story

Isabel likes the story of Paul in the New Testament. Paul said bad things about the Church and led people away from it. After Jesus Christ spoke to him, he was converted and became a good missionary.

Isabel Is Thankful

Isabel is thankful for an eternal family. When Isabel was seven, a fire burned her house. The people from her ward and neighborhood had a dinner and donated money to help Isabel’s family. Her first-grade teacher asked Isabel why she wasn’t sad about losing her toys, clothes, and home in the fire. Isabel said, “We’re just blessed that we are all together.”

Where in the World Is Goffstown, New Hampshire?

map of New Hampshire

Photographs by Julie Wardell; baptism photograph courtesy of the Hills family


Isabel’s family, including Grandma

Jessie Ellie Isabel Jack