Friends in the News
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“Friends in the News,” Friend, Sept. 2009, 44–45

Friends in the News

Abbotsford First Ward

When Max B. got cancer, he couldn’t go to Primary, so his friends in the Abbotsford First Ward, Abbotsford British Columbia Stake, made him a quilt to let him know they support him and are praying for him. The squares in the quilt are made out of blue jeans, and each one has the name of one of the Primary children.

Regan H., 4, North Carolina, likes to paint, draw, read, and ride her bicycle. She is a great sister and enjoys playing with her family. Her favorite scripture story is about Nephi, and she loves everything about Primary.

Eden B., 5, Tennessee, likes playing on the swings in her yard. She also enjoys playing soccer with her dad, playing games with her mom, entertaining her younger sister, and playing dinosaurs with her older brother. She is very artistic and musical and loves to make up her own songs.

Hannah P., 9, Alaska, likes to swim and play soccer. She has two brothers and a sister. She is sweet, funny, and full of energy. She especially likes to help her youngest brother, Robert.

Tommy B., 4, Idaho, had this picture taken on the day his oldest brother entered the Missionary Training Center. Tommy wants to be a missionary too. He likes to sing Primary songs, and he’s glad he has the same first name as President Thomas S. Monson.

Deven and Carsen S., 7 and 8, California, are kind sisters who enjoy playing together. Deven likes to draw and take swimming lessons. Carsen enjoys reading and going fun places with her family. Both sisters love reading their scriptures at night and being good examples to others.

Covington Branch

These children from the Covington Branch, Buena Vista Virginia Stake, had a Primary activity day all about the Friend. They listened to a message from the First Presidency, learned about “Trying to Be Like Jesus,” and searched for a hidden CTR ring. Then they made lunch using Kitchen Krafts recipes.

Carter F., 5, New York, likes to help at church by gathering hymnbooks and putting them back on the shelf after sacrament meeting. His favorite song is “Follow the Prophet.” He likes learning about the world, especially bugs. He is a happy, peaceful boy who is a good example to his family.

Enugu District

Forty-seven children in the Enugu Nigeria District sang two Primary songs in district conference: “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” and “Families Can Be Together Forever.” Many people in the congregation commented on how their singing brought a wonderful spirit into the meeting. Each child wore a ribbon rosette that said “I am a child of God.”

Katie and Jeffrey R., 5 and 3, Utah, like to ride their bikes and play “Primary” at home. Their favorite songs are “Follow the Prophet” and “Did Jesus Really Live Again?” Katie loves to help her younger brother and sister, and Jeffrey likes to work with his dad.

Cameron S., 11, Texas, received an award from his swimming coach for working hard and being respectful to the coaches. In Primary, Cameron is reverent and willing to serve. Cameron’s Primary president sent his picture to the Friend. She is proud of him for being an excellent example to people in his community.

Glenesse P., 8, Manitoba, Canada, likes to read scriptures. She is a good student, especially in math. She enjoys cooking scrambled eggs and helping take care of her younger sister. She wants to be a mommy someday.

Ava P., 5, Washington, enjoys singing, dancing, swimming at the beach, and going to circus class. She loves Primary, especially singing time. Her favorite scripture story is Noah’s ark. She likes candy necklaces and movies about princesses. Ava is a great older sister to her younger brother, Max.

Cairns Australia District

Children in the Cairns Australia District had a great Primary activity with the theme “Red Is for Courage to Do What Is Right.” First they had a 300-step hike on the “Red Arrow” trail. Even the Sunbeams finished the whole hike. Then they learned about prophets and pioneers who had courage, and talked about how they can show courage in their own lives.

Brittany, Amberly, and Brennan S., 11, 9, and 7, Colorado, are grateful that Brittany has recently survived having cancer. Having cancer has been hard, but Brittany knows how to fill life with laughter. Her brother and sister were always there to support her. All three love Heavenly Father and Jesus and try hard to choose the right.

Lex M., 3, California, loves his new baby brother. Every day he asks if he can teach Spencer how to pray. He likes being a Sunbeam, taking his scriptures to church, and learning Primary songs. He likes music and dancing.