Stop Bullying Now
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“Stop Bullying Now,” Friend, Sept. 2009, 6–7

Stop Bullying Now

What is bullying?

Bullying is hurting others by scaring them, leaving them out, making fun of them, using mean words, or harming them physically.

  • Someone might say, “If you play with her, you can’t come to my birthday party.”

  • A group of children might follow a boy around the playground, yelling that they will hurt him.

  • A group of children might roll their eyes and laugh at a girl.

  • Someone might tease a boy every day on the bus.

Every person is a child of God. No one deserves to be bullied. There are many things you can do to stop bullying from hurting people—including yourself.

What should I do if someone bullies me?

  1. Tell an adult. Your parents and teachers can help you think of ways to stay away from someone who makes fun of you or scares you. They can also help you make new friends who will treat you kindly.

    It’s especially important to tell an adult if someone hits, pushes, or threatens you. Sometimes people who bully won’t stop until they know that a teacher or parent is watching them.

  2. Stay in safe places. Make sure you are always near other children. Avoid places where there are no adults that you know nearby.

  3. Tell the bully to stop. Tell the person how the bullying makes you feel. In a firm voice, tell him or her to never treat you that way again. Do not try to hurt the person back, unless you have no other way to protect yourself.

  4. Remember your worth as a child of God. You are important to Heavenly Father, and He wants you to be happy. Even though others may treat you unkindly, you can still feel good about yourself and the good things you do. Sometimes people even get bullied because of good things they do and say.

What should I do if a bully is hurting someone else?

  1. Don’t go along. If a friend sends you a mean text message about someone, don’t pass it on. Don’t laugh at jokes that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  2. Tell the bully to stop. If you feel it is safe, tell the person who is bullying that you don’t like what he or she is doing. The person may not know that you don’t like it when she leaves others out. Listen to the Holy Ghost to help you know what to say.

  3. Ask adults for help. Make sure that the adults in charge know what is going on. If the bullying hurts someone physically, you need to tell an adult right away. Keep asking adults for help until the bullying stops.

  4. Be a friend. Every child is precious to Heavenly Father. One of the best ways you can help someone who is being bullied is by treating him or her kindly. You don’t need to become the person’s best friend, but you can let him or her know you care. Read the story of the good Samaritan in Luke 10:30–37. You can be a good Samaritan by treating others kindly.

Illustration by Bryan Beach