Our Creative Friends
May 2009

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, May 2009, 40–41

Our Creative Friends


Read the scriptures every day.

That’s what the prophets say.

Read the scriptures every night.

Then you shall have no fright.

Read the scriptures every day.

The scriptures keep evil away.

Now that you have read the scriptures happily,

Read them over and over with me.

Evan H., age 10, Florida

The Bird

There is a bird out on the lawn,

Drinking out of that silver pond.

I’ll watch the bird as he sings,

And sits so gently, flapping his wings.

And now he’s off and flies out of sight,

So he can play and eat before night.

And now he’s gone, the one that did sing.

But do not be sad, he’ll be back next spring.

Rebekah S., age 11, Illinois

Because He Loves Me

Christ was nailed to a cross because He loves me.

He bled in the garden because He loves me.

He was resurrected because He loves me.

He gave me the Book of Mormon because He loves me.

He gave me parents to help me because He loves me,

And I follow Christ’s example because I love Him.

Colton E., age 9, Colorado


When someone says “mother,” I think about

The sayings that say, “never doubt.”

When you’re down and feel like a pout,

They lift you up so you can shout.

Mothers are a blessing and a comfort.

They are always there to give support.

I love my mother. She is the other friend I do not have.

She is such a dear, I always want to hear.

She really touches my heart.

I wish with all my heart to be with her

From now to the end, and back to the start.

Carrie R., age 11, Indiana


1. Elena B., age 8, Alberta, Canada

2. Braden L., age 6, Ohio

3. Andrea F., age 9, North Carolina

4. Allison R., age 7, Florida

5. Hailey B., age 5, Idaho

6. Joshua H., age 11, Colorado

7. Cassidy C., age 10, Washington

8. Timothy A., age 7, Missouri

9. Megan B., age 6, Texas

10. Justin A., age 11, New Mexico

11. Andrew S., age 8, Arizona

12. Seth C., age 6, France

13. Sadie B., age 6, Arkansas

14. Cole H., age 8, Nevada