Butterfly Wings
May 2009

“Butterfly Wings,” Friend, May 2009, 24–25

Butterfly Wings

[God] hath made every thing beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Butterflies are one of Heavenly Father’s most colorful creations. Find out what butterflies can teach us about being reverent. Then look for the butterfly species at the bottom of these pages. Try coloring some of your own to match them. Or create your own imaginary species!

Whenever my mom takes me to the zoo,

Do you know what I always do?

I like to visit the butterflies—(Link thumbs and flutter fingers.)

A yellow, blue, and white surprise.

I dip my hand in the water—so—(Cup hand and make a dipping motion.)

Then I sit very still till the butterflies know

That it’s safe to float down on their delicate wings (Hold one hand out and flutter the other hand down to it.)

And sip from my hand a butterfly drink.

But if I run or shout or play,

They lift their wings and flutter away. (Link thumbs and flutter upward.)

And when I go to Primary,

I like to see how quiet I can be. (Hold index finger to lips.)

I fold my arms; my feet are still; (Fold arms and point to feet.)

Then I listen and listen and listen until (Cup hand to ear.)

A feeling of peace settles all around (Move hands down from over head, wiggling fingers.)

And a still, small voice without a sound (Cup hand to ear.)

Whispers a truth so sweet and mild:

“Heavenly Father loves you, for you are His child.”

And then my heart just sings and sings, (Place hand over heart.)

As it does at the touch of butterfly wings. (Link thumbs and flutter fingers.)

Monarch: Millions of these big butterflies fly thousands of miles to spend the winter in Mexico. They live in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Cairns Birdwing: This is the largest butterfly that lives in Australia. It is 6 inches (16 cm) across. It is black with white patches. Males have little flashes of emerald-green coloring.

Eastern Tailed-Blue: These dime-sized butterflies fly very fast. When the sun goes behind a cloud they close their wings. They are common in the eastern U.S.

Common Buckeye: This species lives in the southern United States and in California. It gets its name from the eye-shaped spots on its wings. These spots keep birds from eating it.

Green Hairstreak: This small butterfly lives throughout England and Ireland. It always rests with its wings closed, showing their bright green undersides.

Illustrations by Julie F. Young