Mom’s Surprise Helper
May 2009

“Mom’s Surprise Helper,” Friend, May 2009, 34–35

Mom’s Surprise Helper

When we’re helping, we’re happy ( Children’s Songbook, 198).

Marcus sat on the couch and watched cartoons. Mom picked up the toys and clothes he and his little sister, Julie, had left on the floor.

But it was hard for Marcus to hear the TV because Julie was crying.

Mom, can you make Julie be quiet? I’m trying to watch cartoons!

Marcus, it’s time for Julie’s nap. I want you to turn off the TV and do something else.

Marcus didn’t want to turn off the TV, but he did. He looked for something else to do. He saw his crayons, but he didn’t want to color.

He found a soccer ball, but he didn’t have anybody to play with. He picked up a toy, but its batteries weren’t working. He walked to Mom’s bedroom to ask for some new batteries.

When Marcus got to the bedroom, he saw Julie asleep in her crib. Mom was asleep on the bed next to some folded towels and a basket of socks.

Mom’s tired.

Instead of waking her up, Marcus decided to help her.

In the kitchen, he began putting the clean dishes in the cabinets, just like Mom always did—only a little louder.

After a couple of minutes, Mom walked into the kitchen. Marcus was sitting on the counter, trying to put away the plastic cups.

Marcus! What are you doing?

Surprise! I wanted let you rest.

Thank you, Marcus. I was very tired.

Mom gave Marcus a big hug and a kiss. As much as Marcus loved to watch cartoons, doing something to make Mom happy made him feel even better.

Illustrations by Elise Black