Friends in the News
May 2009

“Friends in the News,” Friend, May 2009, 18–19

Friends in the News

Whitni A., 11, Utah, is the youngest of six children. She likes to ride horses, play sports, dance, and play the flute and piano. She reads the Book of Mormon and writes in her journal before she goes to bed.

Sebastian D., 8, Virginia, likes Cub Scouts and is really good at singing Primary songs. He is excited about his baptism.

Richfield 16th Ward

“There Is Sunshine in My ‘Sole’ Today” was the theme of a Primary activity in the Richfield 16th Ward, Richfield Utah East Stake (below). The Primary children collected 564 pairs of shoes and donated them to the humanitarian center.

Colorado Springs Second Ward

Primary children and leaders in the Colorado Springs Second Ward, Colorado Springs Colorado Stake, made 30 quilts, collected 5 bags of children’s clothing, and filled 15 bags with coloring books and crayons to give to a nonprofit organization for children.

Cousins McKenna H., Samantha Jo G., and Aubrey H., all 8, Utah, were all baptized during the same summer by their fathers.

Montpelier Fifth Ward

Girls in the Montpelier Fifth Ward, Montpelier Idaho Stake, learned about the Restoration of the gospel. They watched a movie to learn more about Palmyra, New York; Kirtland, Ohio; Nauvoo and Carthage, Illinois; Martin’s Cove, Wyoming; and Utah.

Allycia K., 3, Virginia, likes to go to Primary. She enjoys singing “Popcorn Popping” or “I Love to See the Temple” before she goes to bed. She can’t wait until she is big like her mom and dad so that she can go to the temple too.

Karalee M., 10, Idaho, likes to dance. She is a wonderful sister to her two brothers and her sister. She enjoys activity days and does well in school. She gave a Book of Mormon to her best friend.

Silverdale First Ward

Children in the Silverdale First Ward, Silverdale Washington Stake, painted ties for their fathers to celebrate Father’s Day. The children included a special poem with each tie.

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