Good Friends

“Good Friends,” Friend, Nov. 2008, 43

Good Friends

Anna H., Ella J., and Hans J., ages 4, 5, and 3, Utah, with help from their parents

My cousins Ella and Hans and I like to play with our neighbors across the street. One weekend our friend asked Ella why she could never play on Sundays. When Ella told her that we went to church on Sunday, our friend asked if she could come too. The next Sunday our friend and her little brother came to church with us. They had never been to church before. We sat by our friends in Primary. It was our class’s turn to say the prayer and give talks in sharing time, and our friends wanted to help! During sacrament meeting, I explained that the bread and water remind us that Jesus died so that we can be with our families and Heavenly Father again in heaven. Then I asked my friend if she wanted to come back again next week, and she said yes. We know that Heavenly Father and Jesus love everyone, not just the people who go to church.