Our Creative Friends

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Nov. 2008, 46–47

Our Creative Friends


I’m grateful for air that lets us breathe,

So we can live happily.

I’m so grateful for friends that let us play,

So we can have a happy life.

I’m grateful for moms and also dads

To raise us, feed us, care for us.

I’m grateful for water that lets us drink,

That baptizes us so spiritually.

I’m grateful for food that lets us eat,

Gives the family a chance to talk.

Morgan L., age 11, Texas

Holy Ghost

When I think of myself

Doing good deeds

And asking the Lord

For good, righteous needs,

I feel warm inside.

The Holy Ghost guides.

Tristan D., age 7, Utah

Being Thankful

The desert is hot.

The ocean is cold.

God’s creations we behold.

The trees and flowers

And colors so dear

Buzzing with life all so near.

We must be thankful

For things so clear.

Ashlynn A., age 10, California


Faith is more than not seeing.

Faith is not just believing.

Having faith is more than it seems.

To hope and know is what faith means.

Andy A., age 10, Utah

God’s Creations

I’m grateful for God’s creations and revelations. God helps us to see what great talents we could have. I’m grateful for birds because they come in many colors—yellow, black, white, blue, and more. I’m grateful for shelter so I can be warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. I’m grateful for God’s creations. I’m grateful for God.

Savannah W., age 9, Michigan

Jenna M., age 10, Colorado

Kaley J., age 9, South Carolina

Kenton D., age 8, Iowa

Adam M., age 7, Alaska

Tyler E., age 11, Arizona

Kristen D., age 6, Utah

Hailey C., age 6, Nevada

Carolina C., age 7, Louisiana

Ryan W., age 6, Oregon

Jacob G., age 8, California

Joshua B., age 6, Illinois

Spencer R., age 5, Texas

Ayanda C., age 9, South Africa

Andréa H., age 11, Vermont

Landon W., age 9, Idaho