Friends in the News

“Friends in the News,” Friend, Nov. 2008, 28–29

Friends in the News

Hailey Gwen J., 3, Idaho, enjoys being a Sunbeam because she can sing and reverently sit by her friends. She looks forward to receiving the Friend each month so her mother can read it to her from cover to cover. She likes to kayak with her family.

Daniel R., 4, Florida, knows that Heavenly Father loves him and answers his prayers. He enjoyed flying the hoverdisc he received for his birthday, but was sad when it flew too far and was lost. He prayed for help, and Heavenly Father helped him find it.

Christopher B., 7, New Hampshire, gave his teacher a Book of Mormon for Valentine’s Day. He has a strong testimony and wants to be a missionary. He likes basketball, soccer, and swimming. When he grows up, he would like to be a builder.

Sydney S., 9, Iowa, likes gymnastics and recently earned a prize for her gymnastics floor routine at the Iowa State Fair. She reads her scriptures every morning and tries to be like Jesus.

Eva M., 7, Washington, has three sisters and seven brothers. She likes to draw, sing, swim, give hugs, eat pizza, and drink lemonade. She is excited to be baptized when she turns eight.

Ryan W., 10, Arizona, is grateful for the blessings of the priesthood. He was sick and couldn’t eat for two days and had a high fever. Ryan asked his dad and home teacher to give him a blessing, and he soon felt much better.

Goodlettsville Ward

Once a month, “Sister Friendly” comes to visit the Goodlettsville Ward Primary, Madison Tennessee Stake, to share a story and play a fun game from the Friend, which the children enjoy. The Primary leaders wanted to share this picture of their happy Primary taken after the children presented a wonderful, spiritual Primary sacrament meeting program.

Des Moines Third Ward

The Primary children of the Des Moines Third Ward, Des Moines Iowa Stake, recently enjoyed an activity to strengthen their friendships and learn new things. They rotated through the following stations based on the Friend: Friend to Friend—the bishop talked about going to Primary when he was young; Our Creative Friends—each child did artwork; Friends in the News—they wrote their own news item; Kitchen Krafts—they made a healthy snack.

Tanner, Jacob, and Fischer Q., 11, 8, and 5, Oklahoma, were challenged in Primary to memorize the Articles of Faith. They all quickly met the challenge. Tanner likes football, basketball, and baseball. He has read the Book of Mormon and wants to go on a mission someday to Korea like his uncle. Jacob is excited to be baptized and join Scouts. He is a kind and caring person who wants to do what is right. He wants to serve a mission in England. Fischer likes books, swimming, and playing with his brothers, who are his special friends.

Alisha P., 6, England, is one of only three members of the Church in her school. For homework, she had to make a model out of materials she could find at home. Alisha made a model of the Preston England Temple and told everyone how much she enjoys visiting it.

Denver T., 7, Manitoba, Canada, has made a lot of friends by treating them kindly. He tries to set a good example too. He likes to play with transforming robots and wants to be an engineer who designs robots someday.

Greenway Ward

The children in the Greenway Ward, Paradise Valley Arizona Stake, wanted all their friends in the Church to know how much they like to sing “Follow the Prophet.” They love our prophets and also the Book of Mormon, so they decided to write a new verse for the song about the Book of Mormon prophet Moroni. The children also drew pictures to illustrate a poster that was made for the song.

Carbon Valley Ward

To prepare for an activity, the Primary children of the Carbon Valley Ward, Longmont Colorado Stake, spent several weeks collecting needed items for military troops. On the activity day, they wrote cards and letters and decorated a “thank you” banner to send with the collected items. They also learned about patriotism.

San Luis Obispo First Ward

The Primary children of the San Luis Obispo First Ward, San Luis Obispo California Stake, had their picture taken and then gave it to their bishop with their promises. They each made three promises. Some of the promises the children are working on are reading the scriptures daily, inviting friends to church and Primary activities, memorizing the Articles of Faith, keeping the commandments, being a good friend, and helping their moms and dads. Every time the children see their picture in the bishop’s office, they are reminded of the promises they made.

Joshua Thomas C., 11, Utah, draws pictures about the lessons he learns in Primary. He has memorized the Articles of Faith and has earned his Faith in God Award. In family home evening he leads the music. He likes to play basketball, soccer, and jump rope.

Nichole Marie T., 9, Utah, discovered a chrysalis and kept it safe until it changed into a butterfly. She enjoys riding horses and being a cowgirl. She also likes training and caring for her dog, Buddy.

Amelia and Ethan T., 7 and 4, Utah, like to go swimming and play with friends. Amelia’s favorite Primary song is “I Love to See the Temple.” She enjoys eating crepes, learning about family history, and playing house with her brother and two sisters. Ethan loves his three sisters and dog, Mac. He likes to go to parades and thinks Primary is “cool.”