Guide to the Friend

“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Nov. 2008, inside back cover

Guide to the Friend

The Guide to the Friend can help you find stories or articles for preparing lessons or talks for church or for family home evening. The Primary theme for November is “I am thankful to know that we are all children of God.”

Family Home Evening Ideas

Look for the FHE symbol on the pages mentioned below.

  1. Pass around a small mirror to each family member. Have the person holding the mirror look into it and tell the rest of the family what he or she sees. After each family member has had a turn, read “Seeing a Child of God” (pp. 4–6). Talk about how Heavenly Father sees each member of your family as His child. Then work together to find the hidden words in the activity on page 27.

  2. Ask family members to think about a time when they got a letter from someone they love. Read “Kendra’s Letter” (pp. 30–31). Give each family member a piece of paper and something to write with. Then ask them to spend a few minutes writing a letter or drawing a picture for someone they love.

  3. Ask family members to think about how they would feel if they needed to get across a river but had no bridge to cross. Read “Three Bridges” (pp. 2–3) and discuss the “Things to Think About” questions. Talk about the importance of the bridges Christ has prepared to allow us to return to Heavenly Father.

  4. Read “All Can Give” (pp. 8–9) and ask family members what Mosiah 2:17 means to them. Write the names of family members on pieces of paper. Have family members choose a paper and think of a simple act of service they could do for that person. Then invite family members to perform the service they thought of.