Kitchen Krafts
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“Kitchen Krafts,” Friend, July 2008, 27

Kitchen Krafts

Plant Snacks

Make these pretty snacks to remind you of Heavenly Father’s beautiful creations.

Fruit Flowers

1 orange

1 apple

1 banana

1 grape

1 kiwi

red string licorice

  1. With permission or an adult’s help, section the orange and arrange it on a plate like flower petals. Section the apple and arrange it on another plate like flower petals.

  2. Peel and slice the banana. Place a banana slice in the middle of the oranges and put the grape on top of the banana for the flower’s center.

  3. Peel and slice the kiwi. Place a kiwi slice in the middle of the apples and put the tip of the banana on top of the kiwi for the flower’s center. Save the rest of the banana and kiwi for later.

  4. Arrange the licorice on each plate to look like flower stems.

Veggie Bouquet

1 tomato

1 cucumber

1 carrot

  1. Slice the tomato into wedges and arrange on a plate like flower petals.

  2. Use a thin, long slice of cucumber for the stem.

  3. Cut the ends off the carrot, and cut a round slice from the thickest end of the carrot to be the flower’s center. Shred the remaining carrot and cucumber and place around the bottom of the stem to look like grass.

Illustration by Bryan Beach