Missionary Activity

    “Missionary Activity,” Friend, July 2008, 21

    Missionary Activity

    Instructions: Color the missionary, then remove this page from the magazine and mount it on heavy paper. Cut out the verses and the figures. Assemble the missionary as illustrated. Use the missionary to show “when I have grown a foot or two” as you either recite or sing the verses in family home evening.

    missionary cutouts and poem

    I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

    I hope they call me on a mission

    When I have grown a foot or two.

    I hope by then I will be ready

    To teach and preach and work

    As missionaries do.

    I hope that I can share the gospel

    With those who want to know the truth.

    I want to be a missionary

    And serve and help the Lord

    While I am in my youth.

    (Children’s Songbook, 169)