Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, July 2008, 32–33

    Our Creative Friends

    The Creation

    Winter, summer, spring, and fall,

    God created them all.

    Birds, snow, grass, and trees,

    God created all of these.

    Joe, Sally, Bob, and Gus,

    God created all of us.

    Tanner K., age 9, Kansas


    You should always pay your tithing,

    One-tenth of what you’ve earned.

    Pay your tithing before you go buying.

    And that is what I’ve learned.

    Samuel M., age 10, Utah

    The Pioneers

    The pioneers had faith so strong,

    They pulled handcarts with hearts in song.

    And every night they bowed their heads

    Before they got into their beds.

    At morn they walked in rain or snow

    Or winds that howl or winds that blow,

    Some with bare feet, stained with blood,

    Some with boots too small or in mud.

    They barely had enough to eat,

    But they sure had the devil beat!

    The times were tough, as you can see,

    But miracles came to be.

    So then it was that final day

    When anyone could shout, “Hooray!”

    It was a special day, you know,

    When they reached the valley-o!

    Alyssa L., age 10, Minnesota

    Captain Moroni

    Captain Moroni was so brave.

    He made a covenant he would save

    The lives of his family, children, and friends,

    And go to defend their cities, their lands.

    To be a warrior brave and true,

    He believed in their freedom and what they should do.

    To be a true people and work their way through

    The hardships in life that we might go through.

    Shiloh P., age 8, Queensland, Australia


    Astron V., age 11, Arizona

    Natali A., age 7, Texas

    Brooklynne S., age 6, Wyoming

    Andrew D., age 11, Nevada

    Connor W., age 8, Washington

    Brenn A., age 4, British Columbia, Canada

    Jace H., age 6, Idaho

    Brandon G., age 8, Canada

    Tommy C., age 8, Illinois

    Taylor R., age 9, Utah

    Jane W., age 6, Kentucky

    Josh T., age 9, Georgia

    Alison B., age 5, Pennsylvania

    Sarah P., age 5, North Carolina