Joseph Moves to Ohio
July 2008

“Joseph Moves to Ohio,” Friend, July 2008, 40–41

From the Life of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Joseph Moves to Ohio

Adapted from Lucy Mack Smith, History of Joseph Smith, ed. Preston Nibley (1979), 230; Keith W. Perkins, “From New York to Utah: Seven Church Headquarters,” Ensign, Aug. 2001, 54–55; “House of Revelation,” Ensign, Jan. 1993, 33. See also Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith (2007), xvii–xviii, 11, 13–14, 159–60, 199, 207–8, 271–73, 307–8.

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Illustrations by Sal Velutto and Eugenio Mattozzi

In 1831, Joseph and Emma traveled to Kirtland, Ohio. When they reached the Newel K. Whitney and Co. store, Joseph jumped out of the sleigh to greet a Church member he had never met.

Newel K. Whitney! Thou art the man!

You have the advantage of me. I could not call you by name as you have me.

I am Joseph the Prophet. You’ve prayed me here. Now what do you want of me?

Joseph had seen a vision of the Whitney family praying for him to come to Kirtland. He recognized Brother Whitney from the vision.

Joseph and Emma stayed with Brother and Sister Whitney for a few weeks.

At this time the Church had about 400 members. Most of them lived in Kirtland. Other members moved there to be near the Prophet.

This is the Prophet Joseph.



Joseph Moves to Ohio, right page

A few months later, Joseph and his family moved to Hiram, Ohio, so he and Sidney Rigdon could have a quiet place to work on the inspired revision of the Bible.

Joseph and his family lived in Hiram for one year. When Joseph returned to Kirtland, the Lord commanded the Saints to build a temple there. Joseph saw in a vision how the temple should look.

I have a plan of the house of the Lord, given by Himself.

The Saints worked hard and made many sacrifices to build the temple.

Finally, the Saints finished the beautiful temple. Joseph dedicated it on March 27, 1836.

We have done this work through great tribulation; and out of our poverty we have given of our substance to build a house to the Lord’s name.