Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Mar. 2008, 28–29

    Our Creative Friends

    Do You?

    Do you want to be like Nephi and Lehi?

    Or do you want to be like Laman and Lemuel?

    I want to be like Nephi and Lehi!

    Do you?

    Dalley S., age 7, Utah

    If There Were No God

    We wouldn’t have families, plants, or beautiful things.

    There wouldn’t be churches or butterflies with wings.

    We wouldn’t have friends, shoulders to cry on,

    Love and life, and of course, grass to lie on.

    We wouldn’t have dogs or toys like Buzz.

    There wouldn’t be cats or pillows with fuzz.

    But when I think of all these things,

    I remember why I am here.

    Dallin L., age 10, Nevada

    In Six Days

    He built the earth so big and round.

    He filled the world with beautiful sound.

    He made the ocean and the land.

    He made the mountains big and grand.

    He made the rivers vast and flowing.

    He made the trees upward growing.

    He made the night when owls take flight.

    He made the days with glorious light.

    He made the sun and all its rays.

    He did it all in six days.

    Joe C., age 11, California

    Holy Ghost


    One of the Godhead


    You are promised it when you’re eight



    Only if you’re righteous


    Testifies of Jesus Christ

    Mykel C., age 9, Idaho

    My Friend

    My friend is loving.

    My friend is caring.

    My friend has a sweet heart.

    My friend is very cute.

    My friend is brave.

    My friend is graceful.

    My friend loves me very much.

    My friend is my little sister, Tressa Belle.

    Ali B., age 10, Utah


    1 Cody L., age 6, Connecticut

    2 Felicia Z., age 8, Victoria, Australia

    3 Rachel Elizabeth K., age 9, California

    4 Emma S., age 8, Iowa

    5 Johnny K., age 6, Alberta, Canada

    6 Ali W., age 8, Montana

    7 Ethan S., age 6, Arizona

    8 Grace L., age 4, Idaho

    9 Madison D., age 9, Michigan

    10 Grant I., age 9, Utah

    11 Ryan G., age 7, Florida

    12 Shaylie I., age 7, Utah

    13 Johnathan B., age 10, Texas

    14 Kaylie M., age 7, Arizona

    15 Jeremy Ryan C., age 11, Nevada