Friends in the News

“Friends in the News,” Friend, Mar. 2008, 46–47

Friends in the News

Golden Colorado Stake

The activity day girls and their dads in the Golden Colorado Stake enjoyed a fun evening together ’50s style! There was dancing, a hula-hoop contest, a bubblegum-blowing contest, and yummy food.

Maria S., 4, Maine, is a very active girl. She says, “I run really fast. Run, run, run!” She likes to build sand castles in her sandbox, swing on her swing set, dance ballet, draw, and sing.

Johnathan Marshall Levison G., 10, Utah, was named after three of his ancestors. He likes lasagna, science fiction, and flashing light sabers. He would like to go to China on his mission.

Stephanie M., 10, Manitoba, Canada, won the “Recycle for Manitoba” poster contest in her art class. She wants to be a professional artist. She likes to read and play with her stuffed animals.

Chase E., 4, Texas, enjoys going to Primary and learning about saying “I’m sorry.” He knows all the verses to his favorite song, “Book of Mormon Stories.” He likes to play with his little sister, Haley.

MegAnn C., 9, Minnesota, enjoys drawing, composing songs, attending activity day, and reading. She has fun making snow forts with her brother McKay and their dog Tober.

Dallin H., 8, North Carolina, was excited to be baptized by his dad. He likes Cub Scouts, in-line skating, bike riding, and playing Primary songs on the piano. He is trying hard to choose the right.

Watauga Ward

The Primary children of the Watauga Ward Primary, Kingsport Tennessee Stake, enjoyed participating in the children’s sacrament meeting program. The congregation liked the presentation because the children sang and talked from the heart.

Hannah and Hilary S., 11 and 11, Georgia, each have a favorite animal. Hannah likes the panda bear and Hilary’s favorite is the koala bear. Hannah plays the trumpet and likes to go to baseball games with her dad. She loves her dog Ringo. Her favorite Old Testament story is about Queen Esther. Hilary enjoys in-line skating with her sisters, and playing sports, especially volleyball. She likes to play the clarinet and reads the Book of Mormon every night.

Hunter O., 9, Montana, is a Cub Scout and enjoys attending his meetings. He likes to read fantasy books and the Friend and Boys’ Life magazines. He plays the piano and has two brothers and one baby sister.

Sarah E., 7, Texas, likes to read, play soccer, and play with her brothers and her dog. She wants to be a teacher or veterinarian. She enjoys school, cooking, playing the piano, and making friends.

Eliza Marie I., 6, Utah, likes to play soccer, basketball, and T-ball. Her favorite Bible story is about Adam and Eve. She enjoys taking pictures, playing with her cousins, and visiting her grandma and grandpa.

Noah N., 8, Idaho, read the Book of Mormon before he was baptized. He has learned a lot and has a testimony and love for Jesus Christ. He is now reading the Doctrine and Covenants.

Kaylee W., 4, Nevada, has memorized the first four articles of faith. Her mother says that Kaylee gives awesome family home evening lessons. She often cleans her room without being asked.

Curtis B., 10, Arizona, enjoys participating in Scouts, cooking, riding his bike, and drawing. His favorite Old Testament prophet is Noah. When he grows up he would like to serve a mission, be a good father, and become a museum curator.

Jenina and Jesson D., 11 and 10, are from the Philippines. Jenina likes to swim, play the piano, and dance. She is a caring sister to her brother Jesson. She enjoys Primary and family home evening. Jesson likes to draw, play basketball, and attend Valiant activity days. He is a good example at home and at school.

Oxford Ward

The Primary children of the Oxford Ward, Granger Utah South Stake, were encouraged to collect pennies and other coins to be donated to the Primary Children’s Medical Center. They were reminded to read the words “In God We Trust” printed on each coin. The children collected 648 coins and 2 dollar bills.

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