Jun-Jun’s Faith

“Jun-Jun’s Faith,” Friend, Mar. 2008, 34–36

Jun-Jun’s Faith

Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church (James 5:14).

“I couldn’t get the money,” Jun-Jun told his father, out of breath from running.

Father, holding Jun-Jun’s crying baby brother, looked worried. Suddenly, Jun-Jun was scared. The baby had been crying for two days with a terrible sickness in his tiny body. Mother had also been sick for many days, hardly able to breathe as she lay on the bamboo floor of their small hut in the Philippines. Jun-Jun had gone to a friend’s house to try to borrow money for medicine. But their friends had no money either. The boy felt helpless. He was only 10 years old—what could he do?

Just then, he heard someone at the door. “Tao po!” a voice called. “Someone is here!”

Father opened the door. “Magandang gabi!” the sister missionaries said. “Good evening!”

The sisters’ smiles quickly vanished when they saw the worried look on Father’s face and heard the baby crying. “What’s wrong?” Sister Clawson asked as she stepped inside their home.

Father explained that he hadn’t been able to go to work because he was taking care of everyone, and now they had no money for medicine.

Jun-Jun was relieved to see the sister missionaries. They had been visiting his family for many months, teaching them about Jesus. He and Father had been reading the Book of Mormon together, and he always felt happy when they did. Maybe the sisters could help!

“Can you give us money for medicine?” Jun-Jun asked the sisters.

“We can’t give you money,” Sister Clawson said, “but there is something even greater than money or medicine. Do you remember what we taught you about the priesthood?”

Jun-Jun nodded his head. He remembered. The priesthood was power from God.

“Men who hold the priesthood can give blessings to heal those who are sick,” Sister Clawson explained to Jun-Jun’s father. “Do you want us to ask priesthood holders to come and give your wife and baby a blessing?”

Father nodded. “Oo,” he said. “Yes.” Tears welled up in his tired eyes.

Sister Elizan looked at Jun-Jun and asked, “Do you have faith that your mother and baby brother can be healed by the power of the priesthood?”

Jun-Jun felt a warm, peaceful feeling in his heart—the same feeling he had when he read the Book of Mormon. But he wasn’t sure if that was faith. “I think so,” he said.

“Good,” Sister Elizan said. The sister missionaries left and returned later with two men dressed in white shirts and ties.

Jun-Jun’s baby brother was still crying and gasping for breath. The men took the baby in their arms. One of them poured a little oil onto the baby’s head and said a short prayer. Then the other one spoke in the name of Jesus Christ by the power of the priesthood. It sounded like a special prayer. He was talking to Heavenly Father and asking Him to bless the baby. During the blessing, the baby stopped crying for the first time in two days. After the blessing, he coughed up white phlegm.

“That’s why he couldn’t breathe!” Father exclaimed. He held his baby close, listening with relief to his normal breathing.

Jun-Jun saw a new look come into Father’s face. He looked strong again. Now Jun-Jun knew what it meant to have faith. He could see it on Father’s face. He could feel it in his own heart. He knew that Heavenly Father knew their family, and that He had blessed them through the priesthood. Jun-Jun felt so happy he started to cry.

“Now I know what faith is,” Jun-Jun said with a smile. “I have faith.”

Illustrations by Jared Beckstrand