My Life Has a Plan

“My Life Has a Plan,” Friend, Mar. 2008, 15


My Life Has a Plan

Match the descriptions on the right with the word or phrase on the left. See answers on page 26.

1. Plan of salvation

a. Number of spirits who followed Satan’s plan

2. Council in Heaven

b. A place of testing

3. Body

c. The oldest son of Heavenly Father; He gave glory to His Father

4. Heavenly Father

d. The ability to make choices

5. Two-thirds

e. Presented a plan where we may return to heaven

6. Earth

f. A plan to help us become like Heavenly Father

7. Jesus Christ

g. What we receive when we come to earth

8. Agency

h. Number of spirits who followed Heavenly Father’s plan

9. One-third

i. A meeting in the premortal existence where we gathered to hear the plan of salvation

10. Satan

j. Presented a plan that glorified himself and did not allow us the ability to make choices

Illustration by Amanda Sorensen