The Love Drawer

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“The Love Drawer,” Friend, Feb. 2008, 28–29

The Love Drawer

Look up the following scriptures: John 13:34, Alma 7:24, Moroni 7:13. Circle the one you think fits the story best.

“Elisabeth!” Mom called from her room. “Someone rang the doorbell a little while ago. Can you see if there’s anything on the porch?”

A few moments later Elisabeth carried a plate of cookies into Mom’s room, where she was in bed with a lingering illness.

“Someone brought us cookies!” Elisabeth said.

“Who are they from?” Mom asked.

“I don’t know, but here’s a note.”

Mom took the note. “ ‘Hope you’re having a great day,’ ” she read. “ ‘From someone who cares.’ ” She smiled at Elisabeth. “It’s really nice of someone to surprise us with cookies.”

“Can I have one?” Elisabeth asked.

“Yes, you can. And will you please put the note in my love drawer?”

Elisabeth took the note. “What’s your love drawer?” she asked.

“It’s the little drawer in that table by my bed. Open it and I’ll show you.”

Elisabeth opened the drawer and found a pile of letters, notes, and cards.

“I’ve been saving all the good wishes people have given me since I’ve been sick,” Mom explained, pulling a few papers from the drawer. “Grandma sent this letter. And this is the card the Garcias gave me when they brought us dinner. Here is the note I discovered in the kitchen when I came home from the doctor and found the whole house cleaned. And the Primary children made this card for me.”

Mom handed the cards, notes, and letters back to Elisabeth. “All these remind me how nice people have been to us. Each one is from someone who is trying to be like Jesus. When I feel sad I can look at them and remember that lots of people care about me. And that helps me remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus care about me too.”

Elisabeth put everything back in the drawer and closed it carefully.

“Now will you take these cookies into the kitchen?” Mom said. “The other kids will want to have one when they get home from school.”

Elisabeth carried the plate of cookies into the kitchen, and then sat down at the table with her crayons. After a while she went back into Mom’s room. “Mom, I brought you something.” She held out the picture she had made.

“Elisabeth, this is beautiful! I love the rainbow and the smiling people. You worked very hard on this.”

“You can put it in the love drawer,” Elisabeth said. “It will help you remember that I love you and that I want to be like Jesus.”

Mom smiled and hugged Elisabeth. “You make me very happy,” she said. “I will put this in the love drawer—later. Right now I want to keep it out where I can see it!”

Illustration by Brad Teare