Our Creative Friends

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Feb. 2008, 30–31

Our Creative Friends

The First Vision

When Joseph read James 1:5,

He decided to pray to God above.

He didn’t know which church to join,

But didn’t want to flip a coin.

He went into a grove of trees,

And then knelt down upon his knees.

Then on that peaceful spring day

He opened his mouth in faith to pray.

Suddenly, there was a brilliant light

Above his head. It was very bright!

Two beings came down from heaven

On that day when Joseph was 2 x 7.

The personages were God the Father and His Son,

Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten one.

Two members of the Godhead descended from above.

And Joseph, in his heart, felt heavenly love.

Joseph C., age 10, Maryland


Faith is to believe

What you can’t see.

To have courage in God.

Faith can move mountains.

It’s up to you

To put faith in you.

Cade C., age 8, Utah

God’s Creations

Every day

Or every night

Jesus made earth

For our delight—

The animals

That crawl or hop,

The water and waves that never stop,

The grass that waves along the wind,

Or the life that never ends,

Our friends or families,

The sun or sky,

The clouds we stare at as they fly by,

The flowers or bugs,

The birds that are blue,

Our souls or spirits,

Our heart that’s true.

Everything that’s on the earth

Is made by Jesus

For our birth.

Laura B., age 11, Illinois

Our Living Prophet

President Hinckley is very dear.

We listen to him every year.

He and Heavenly Father are very near.

They tell us what we need to hear.

He gave us the family proclamation,

A statement to the world and nation,

A plan that began at the time of creation,

To teach families of their obligations.

In the Conference Center you will see

A beautiful pulpit that used to be

An old black walnut tree,

Planted by President Hinckley.

He wrote a book called Way to Be!

To teach us about his B’s.

The things he wrote help you and me

To live with our family eternally.

He teaches us the right way

And reminds us to always pray.

I love to listen to what he’ll say.

I love the prophet in every way.

Emily P., age 8, Idaho, with help from her mom

Kenna F., age 7, California

Connor W., age 6, Washington

Annie J., age 7, Maryland

Morgan B., age 10, Idaho

Ethan S., age 7, Minnesota

Benjamin D., age 8, Utah

Jackson K., age 7, Arizona

Rachel C., age 9, Alberta, Canada

Logan V., age 8, Texas

Ashley B., age 8, Virginia

Samuel A., age 6, Pennsylvania

Lauren A., age 7, Michigan

Blake J., age 3, Nevada

Makenzi Morgan B., age 11, Utah

Sofia S., age 5, California