Friends in the News

    “Friends in the News,” Friend, Feb. 2008, 46–47

    Friends in the News

    Carlos G., 5, Manitoba, Canada, has a pig named Redwalk. Carlos likes to play with his train and hug his family. He loves Jesus Christ, his grandparents, and animals. His mom’s noodles are his favorite food.

    Isabel H., 10, Maine, plays the piano and draws comic books. She wants to be a detective when she grows up. Her favorite Primary song is “Latter-day Prophets.”

    Tobin Jerry P., 4, Idaho, likes seeing his friends in Primary. He is memorizing the first three articles of faith. He likes to sing, and he can make his bed very well—even on the top bunk. He is a good brother to his sister and brother.

    Arwynn M., 3, California, likes to play with dolls and her older sister. She wants to be a mommy when she grows up. She has been reading the scriptures with her family, and helps to read one verse each night.

    Austin S., 6, Missouri, likes to jump on his trampoline with his friend. He enjoys learning new Primary songs, and he reads from the Friend at night.

    Hannah S., 6, Texas, enjoys playing with her friends and her three brothers. She likes her dance class and drawing pictures. She enjoys reading the scriptures, and going to school and Primary.

    Alyssa Angelica G., 12, Utah, likes to draw, ride horses, and go to church activities. She enjoys babysitting her two nephews. She wants to be a professional horse rider when she grows up.

    Joseph and Brynne U., 6 and 3, live in Arizona. Joseph is learning to ride his new bike. He likes to color, and play with his friends and little sisters. He enjoys playing basketball. Brynne likes to play with dolls and watch movies. She is excited to be a Sunbeam in Primary.

    Sawyer K., 9, Utah, is kind and thoughtful. He loves his family, and enjoys playing with his cousins. His favorite food is steak. He is looking forward to serving a mission someday.

    Crystal S., 11, California, enjoys writing stories and poems. She likes to garden, sell lemonade, sew, and play sports. She stays close to Heavenly Father by praying.

    Brockett Ward

    After getting the idea from another Primary group featured in the Friend, the children of the Brockett Ward, Atlanta Georgia Stake, built a replica of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple. The children added bricks by attending church and taking their scriptures.

    Tayler and Brayleigh S., 5 and 3, North Carolina, look forward to attending Primary every week. They love the Primary songs and sing all the time. The girls enjoy gymnastics, reading, and trips to the beach. They love Jesus and know He loves them too.

    Benjamin and Brigham P., 9 and 6, Arizona, are lovable sons. Benjamin likes animals and has had a dog, guinea pigs, snakes, tarantulas, and lizards as pets. He is imaginative and likes performing. Brigham is good at sports, especially baseball, soccer, and bicycling. He is a good student and friend. He is helpful and kind to others.

    First Ward

    Each child in the First Ward Primary, Ephrata Washington Stake (below), colored pictures on squares of fabric. The squares were sewn into quilts to donate to sick children in the area. This activity was extra special to the children because one of the Primary counselors who helped them with the quilts recently passed away.

    Highland Ward

    The Highland Ward, Bloomington Indiana Stake, took a family temple trip to the Louisville Kentucky Temple. The Primary children had lessons and activities about the temple. One of the activities was building a 10-foot-tall model of the temple.

    Branham Ward

    The activity day girls of the Branham Ward, San Jose California South Stake (below), had a “Good Samaritan clean-up day.” They cleaned areas around their neighborhood, school, and walking paths. The girls enjoyed the activity.

    Isaac K., 5, Alaska, is the youngest of 10 children. He likes to draw and paint, and likes under-the-sea things. He enjoys playing with his new niece.