Unforgotten Experience

    “Unforgotten Experience,” Friend, Feb. 2008, inside front cover

    Unforgotten Experience

    When I was nine years old, I went on a fathers and sons’ campout. Fifteen men and boys went on a mountain bike ride. We were divided into groups of fast, medium, and slow riders. I was in the medium speed and my dad was behind with the slow riders. As I rode ahead I got my foot stuck in the chain and fell. As a result I was behind my group and I was way ahead of the slow group. I kept riding my bike hoping to catch up, but I was confused and somehow went off the main trail. I realized there was no one in front of me and I was getting tired and scared. I was lost! I shouted the names of my brothers and father, but no reply. So the only thing I could do was pray. I prayed on my knees and I prayed on my feet. After several hours I became very thirsty.

    Suddenly I felt a warm feeling and two people came walking on the trail. They saw me and asked me if I was lost. And I said yes! They gave me one of their bottles of water to drink. I knew the Lord had sent these people. As we walked back up the mountain, they told me stories about their lives. When we reached the top, my group had just started looking for me. This experience taught me that the Lord does work in mysterious ways and that there are loving people in the world. But the biggest lesson learned was that I could not have made it out alone; it was the Lord’s answer to my prayer. I have a strong testimony of prayer and I know that the Savior lives.

    Illustrations by Robert McKay