The New Me

    “The New Me,” Friend, Jan. 2008, 7

    The New Me

    I didn’t think too much of me—

    I’m kind of short; I’m kind of shy;

    The other kids just walked right by

    And acted like I wasn’t there.

    I didn’t have too many friends.

    I don’t do sports. I’m not that cool.

    I didn’t do that well in school.

    “I don’t belong,” I’d often feel.

    Then one day I learned the truth—

    I really am a child of God,

    And there’s a place that I belong.

    Christ died for me. He loves me too.

    Now I am a different me.

    I have new friends. I like to laugh.

    I now know why I came to earth.

    I am God’s child of endless worth.

    Illustrations by Bryan Beach