A Missionary in the Making—John Kay of Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland
January 2008

“A Missionary in the Making—John Kay of Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland,” Friend, Jan. 2008, 36–38

Making Friends

A Missionary in the Making—

John Kay of Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland

Children all over the world pray, sing Primary songs, and learn about the gospel—just like you! This month let’s meet John …

One bleak January morning, Alison Kay opened the door to find two missionaries standing in the rain. She invited them in. Later she found out they had been working in cold weather even though it was their preparation day. She was soon baptized and confirmed a member of the Church.

John was four years old when his mother, Alison, joined the Church. He has wanted to be like the missionaries ever since.

Tithes and Savings

John began paying tithing when his mother did. When he heard about the Humanitarian Aid Fund and the Perpetual Education Fund, he started contributing to those too.

One day the missionaries came to visit. John likes to ask missionaries where they are from, what their families are like, and how many people they are teaching and baptizing. But on this day he asked them how they paid for their missions. Parents and family members often give support, the missionaries explained. “I want to pay for my own mission,” John said. At 10 years old, he’s well on his way to being ready for his mission in more ways than one.

Working Hard

Besides living the gospel and saving his money, John knows that learning to work hard will help him be a great missionary. “John is very easy to teach,” his mum says. He has learned to knit, iron, wash clothes, sew on a button, weed the garden, wash the car, and cook meals. His usual chores are tidying his room and putting the washing in.

What Does John Like?

  1. Mum’s meatloaf

  2. Judo

  3. Horseback riding

  4. His pet guinea pig, Saturn

  5. The story of Daniel in the lions’ den

  6. Playing with friends

  7. Climbing with Dad

  8. Art (his favorite subject in school)

  9. Pizza

  10. Climbing the big tree in his back garden, where he goes to think

Spreading Smiles

John says he tries to have a happy home by talking nicely with his family, especially with his older sister, Phoebe. “We try to listen to each other,” he says.

John’s mum says, “It’s not like John if he’s not whistling or singing ’round our house.” She is grateful for John’s caring personality because she suffers from depression. “John knows just how to treat me,” she says. “He is most loyal and responsible and has a heart filled with love.”

John looks forward to holding the Melchizedek Priesthood, not only so he can serve as a missionary but also so he can give blessings to his family. For now, he prays for them and cheers them up with his sunny personality.

Where in the World Is Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland?

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. It covers the northern part of Great Britain. John likes his little town of Glenrothes. He lives about five miles (8 km) away from the city center in an area that is somewhat rural. He likes the little roads and hills that surround his home. He especially likes riding his bike through the woods.

map of Scotland

Map by Mountain High Maps

Photographs by Mark Finch Hedengren, except as noted; photograph of pizza © Getty Images

John helps create a happy home. He loves his sister, Phoebe, and his mum, Alison.

Photograph of guinea pig © Getty Images