Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Jan. 2008, 32–33

    Our Creative Friends

    The Path to Take

    When I look at the moon so bright

    It lights a path for us to take.

    God invites us to His light.

    He says, “Come with me,

    And I will help you choose the right.”

    Cierra T., age 9, Hawaii


    We are one. Nicely one.

    We are one under Heavenly Father’s view.

    We choose the right, we learn the right, all as one.

    We sometimes stray from the path,

    Yet we can find our way back.

    We love and support each other as one.

    Even when church is over, we are still one.

    Derek Paul S., age 11, Arizona

    The Temple

    The temple is a place of peace and love.

    When you are in the temple, you are reverent.

    In the temple you can feel love and peace.

    In the temple you can have eternal marriage.

    By going to the temple you can be an eternal family.

    The temple is a place where you can think about Jesus in faith.

    The temple is a holy place.

    In the temple you can do baptisms for the dead.

    You can prepare to go to the temple.

    I reverently wait to enter the temple.

    Activity day girls of the Spring Gulch Ward, Highlands Ranch Colorado Stake

    Jake B., age 8, Virginia

    Benson S., age 6, Michigan

    Ethan J., age 8, New York

    Katie G., age 8, Illinois

    Breanne W., age 10, Missouri

    Skylee D., age 6, Texas

    Jenna H., age 9, Colorado

    Davis B., age 7, Arizona

    Jonah D., age 7, California

    Alec G., age 7, Ohio

    Logan U., age 10, Utah

    Leah R., age 8, Washington

    Maddie G., age 8, California

    Julie D., age 10, Alberta, Canada

    Roxanne L., age 11, Arizona