Love Is Spoken Here: Primary Songs about the Family

“Love Is Spoken Here: Primary Songs about the Family,” Friend, Feb. 2004, 23

Love Is Spoken Here: Primary Songs about the Family

Many Primary songs from the Children’s Songbook talk about families. Can you fill in the blanks with the right answer? Words may be used more than once. See answers below.

A. brother

D. family

G. parents

B. daddy

E. father, fathers

H. sister

C. daughter

F. mother

I. son, sons

  1. We have been born, as Nephi of old,

    To goodly ______ who love the Lord.

    (“We’ll Bring the World His Truth,” 172–73, v. 1)

  2. Thanks for home and ______ too,

    Many things to love and do. (“Thanks to Thee,” 6)

  3. ______ bird sits on the nest

    To hatch the eggs, all three.

    ______ bird flies round and round

    to guard his ______. (“Birds in the Tree,” 241, v. 2)

  4. Hannah promised God her ______ would serve with joy.

    (“Follow the Prophet,” 110–11, v. 6)

  5. Let us thank him for our mealtime,

    For clothes we daily wear,

    For ______, home, and ______,

    For his kind and loving care. (“Family Prayer,” 189, v. 2)

  6. ______, ______, baby small,

    Heav’nly Father gives us all. (“Thanks to Our Father,” 20, v. 3)

  7. Dear ______, all flowers remind me of you. (“I Often Go Walking,” 202, v. 1)

  8. I love ______; she loves me.

    We love ______, yes sirree;

    He loves us, and so you see,

    We are a happy ______. (“A Happy Family,” 198)

  9. Has given me an earthly home

    with ______ kind and dear. (“I Am a Child of God,” 2–3, v. 1)

  10. With ______ and ______ leading the way,

    Teaching me how to trust and obey.

    (“Love Is Spoken Here,” 190–91, v. 2)

  11. Help me to be good, kind, and gentle today,

    And mind what my ______ and ______ shall say.

    (“I Thank Thee, Dear Father,” 7, v. 2)

  12. Honor thy ______ all thy days. (“The Commandments,” 112–13)

  13. Home is where there’s ______,

    With strength and wisdom true.

    Home is where there’s ______

    And all the children too. (“Home,” 192, v. 2)

  14. Then our ______ tells a story, ______ leads us in a song.

    (“The Family,” 194)

  15. Abraham the prophet prayed to have a ______,

    So the Lord sent Isaac as the chosen one.

    Isaac begat Jacob, known as Israel.

    Jacob’s ______ were twelve tribes, so the Bible tells.

    (“Follow the Prophet,” 110–11, v. 4)

  16. As a child of God, I’ve learned this truth:

    A ______ is forever. (“I Love to See the Temple,” 95, v. 2)

  17. Stories and games for ev’ryone;

    Learning the gospel can be fun!

    ______ and ______, ______, ______,

    Together on ______ night! (“Family Night,” 195)

  18. When my ______ calls me,

    Quickly I’ll obey. (“Quickly I’ll Obey,” 197)

  19. And we like to help ______,

    For we all love her so. (“When We’re Helping,” 198, v. 1)

  20. I know a name, a glorious name,

    Dearer than any other.

    Listen, I’ll whisper the name to you:

    It is the name of ______. (“The Dearest Name,” 208)