Family Valentine Matching Game

“Family Valentine Matching Game,” Friend, Feb. 2004, 48

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Family Valentine Matching Game

This Valentine’s Day, show love for your family members by noticing their talents and hobbies. To make a Family Valentine Matching Game, you will need: heavy pink and red paper, scissors, glue, old magazines and extra family photographs (with permission to use) or drawing materials.

  1. Trace the heart pattern onto pink and red paper. Each family member will need six paper hearts—three pink and three red. (For smaller families, you may want to make more.) Cut them out.

    Family Valentine Matching Game
  2. Get permission to use extra photographs of your family members or draw pictures of them. Each family member will need three pictures of himself or herself. Cut them out and glue them onto the red paper hearts.

  3. Think of three hobbies or talents for each family member. Draw or cut from old magazines pictures of the talents. Glue them onto the pink paper hearts.

  4. To play, spread the hearts facedown on the floor or table. Each family member takes turns picking one red heart and one pink heart. If the person and the hobby or talent don’t match, the player turns the cards back over, and it’s someone else’s turn. If the cards match, the player explains how the person and the talent match. If the player can explain why the cards match, he or she keeps the pair. If the player doesn’t, the person whose picture is on the card gets the pair. When all of the pairs have been found, whoever has the most wins.

    If there are leftover hearts that don’t match (because some items were chosen for different family members than you had planned), take turns explaining to whom the pink hearts could belong and why. Then take turns describing additional talents and hobbies of the people whose pictures are on the remaining red hearts.

  5. As part of a family home evening activity, you can cooperate to make a Family Valentine Matching Game. Assign everyone a family member for whom to make the game cards.