A Huge Smile

“A Huge Smile,” Friend, Feb. 2004, 44

A Huge Smile

When it was time for my little sister, Hannah, to get her cast removed, Mom and I took her to the emergency room at the hospital. They were very busy, and so we had to wait in the hall. A little girl came in, screaming in pain and bleeding. They led us to another section of the hospital where we had to wait a long time. They moved that girl to the room next to us. I felt very bad for her as she cried. I knew how she felt because I had to get stitches once, too. I also knew that Jesus knew how she felt. That day my mom had taken me to a store so that I could buy a stuffed fabric toy with money I had earned. I thought that if I gave it to the little girl, maybe it would help make her happier, and I thought that’s what Jesus would do. So I said, “Mom, would it be OK if I gave my new toy to that girl?”

My mom said, “Of course!” We walked into the room where the little girl and her mom were. When I gave her the toy, her face lit up, and she changed from being sad and crying to having a huge smile. They both thanked me. I felt happy inside, knowing that I had chosen the right. I was trying to be like Jesus.

Brooke Call, age 7, is a member of the Ben Lomond 10th Ward, North Ogden Utah Ben Lomond Stake.