A Suggestion

“A Suggestion,” Friend, Feb. 2004, inside front cover

A Suggestion

The October 2002 Friend was really great. I read the whole issue in just two days and did all the activities. I found the hidden word, covenant. I even used your family home evening ideas. I liked the story “Different Walls, Same Foundation.”

I have a suggestion. When you do cutout activities, leave a blank page on one side so a story isn’t wrecked when I do the activities.
Sarah McComb, age 9
West Jordan, Utah

Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah. It makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there are so many wonderful things we want to share each month that we hesitate to leave any blank pages. But we’ll think about it. In the meantime, perhaps you could photocopy the story.

Does anyone else have a suggestion for making the Friend a better magazine?
—The Editors