What Is Prayer?
January 2004

“What Is Prayer?” Friend, Jan. 2004, 47

“What Is Prayer?”

One day on the bus on the way home from school, I was telling my friend James how much I enjoy going to church. When I mentioned prayer, James asked me, “What is prayer?”

“It’s a way of talking to God,” I said. He asked me how to pray, and I told him, “First you bow your head, fold your arms, and close your eyes. Then you start with ‘Dear Heavenly Father,’ thank Him for your blessings, tell Him about your day, ask for anything you need, and then end in the name of Jesus Christ.”

James said his own prayer while we were on the bus. I felt happy inside that I had taught my friend how to pray.

I have invited many of my friends to come to Cub Scouts with me at the church. James and three other friends from school joined our pack. We have a great time together. I am glad I can be a good example.

Eric Hillman, age 10, is a member of the Stoney Creek Ward, Hamilton Ontario Stake.