A Family Forever
January 2004

“A Family Forever,” Friend, Jan. 2004, inside front cover

A Family Forever

My family lives on a half-acre of land. We have 27 fruit trees and eight grapevines that we can pick fruit from. It is fun to eat fruit and watch it grow. The prophet has asked us to grow our own food. We like to listen to the prophet.

We also listen to him when he says to go to the temple. Our family was sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple on 23 May 2002. We can now be a family forever! We do not need to worry about when we die or after we die. The sealing power is forever, like the prophet and Heavenly Father promised.

I like to play the piano. I was asked to play “Families Can Be Together Forever” in sacrament meeting. It was special to me because we had just been sealed. That song means more to me now than when I first learned it, because now it can come true. I am thankful that we were sealed and that Heavenly Father loves children.
Tauni Marie Wiessner, age 6
Gilbert, Arizona