Heavenly Father Is There
January 2004

“Heavenly Father Is There,” Friend, Jan. 2004, inside front cover

Heavenly Father Is There

A few months ago, my mama read a story to me from the Friend. It was about a little boy who wanted to know if Heavenly Father was real (“Micah’s Miracle,” October 2002, 4–6). One night he had a terrible nightmare. When he woke up, he prayed for help to feel safe. At the same moment, his dad woke up and decided that he should check on his son. When his dad came, the little boy knew that his prayer had been answered and that Heavenly Father really was there and loved him.

Shortly after hearing this story, I was playing with my little brother Samuel (3) on the balcony of our home. Before I knew it, Samuel had closed the door and locked me on the outside. I couldn’t open the door and started shouting for someone to come and open it. But no one heard me. I remembered the story, so I decided to pray that my mama would know where to look for me. At the same time, Mama felt that she should look for me, and she decided to check the balcony first. I was really excited because I had had an answer to my prayer, just like the little boy in the story. I know that Heavenly Father is there and answers my prayers.
Emily Erlacher, age 5
Lichtenberg, Austria