I Will Follow the Savior
January 2004

“I Will Follow the Savior,” Friend, Jan. 2004, 24–25

I Will Follow the Savior

The beginning of a new year is a good time to make resolutions, such as deciding how we can improve in living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since the Savior himself lived a perfect life, we should try to follow His example.


  1. Remove pages 24–25 from the magazine, and mount them on heavy paper.

  2. Look up the scriptures in the first column on the chart. Each one will present one of the Savior’s teachings or tell of an incident from His life.

  3. Study each scripture carefully and identify the gospel principle being taught. (A principle is a gospel truth that we should live.) The picture above the scripture reference will give you a hint.

  4. Write the principle in the second column.

  5. Plan something you can do to better live the gospel principle, and then write it or draw a picture of it in column three.

  6. Hang the chart where you will see it every day to remind you of your resolutions.

  7. Do what you have planned, and strive to live a more Christlike life.

Savior’s Teaching

Principle Taught

How I Will Follow Him

John 13:34

3 Ne. 14:12

D&C 119:4

John 5:39

Ex. 20:12

Alma 37:37

[illustrations] Christ with the Children by Harry Anderson; The Good Samaritan by Del Parson

Tithing photographer unknown; scriptures photo by Matt Reier; family photo by John Luke

Savior with Children by Dilleen Marsh