The Widow’s Mites
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“The Widow’s Mites,” Friend, Oct. 2002, 18

The Widow’s Mites

Chapter 45

money at the temple

While Jesus was near the temple in Jerusalem, He watched people put money for the Church into big boxes. Many rich men put a lot of money into the boxes. Mark 12:41

widow’s mite

A poor widow, a woman whose husband had died, went to the boxes and put in two pieces of money called mites. Two mites were not very much money, but they were all the money she had. Mark 12:42, 44


Jesus saw her. Wanting to teach His disciples a lesson, He told them about her. Mark 12:43

Rich man

He also told them about the rich men who had given lots of money. The rich men had more money at home. Mark 12:43–44


The widow had no money at home. In a way, she had given more to the Church than all the rich men, because she had given all that she had. Mark 12:44

Illustrated by Paul Mann