Noah’s Ark
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“Noah’s Ark,” Friend, Oct. 2002, 38–39

Noah’s Ark

To make a Noah’s ark with a story stage and story picture window, glue these pages to heavy paper. Cut out the ark, the story strip, and each of the story figures. Fold the ark on the broken lines (see diagram).


Cut slits along the sides of the picture window. Thread the story strip through these slits, stopping on the first picture. The folded-back rainbow will prop the ark’s story stage. As you tell the story of Noah’s ark and the flood, pull the strip to the left, showing the picture of what you are talking about. At the same time, put the appropriate story figure in the folded-paper “stage” on the ark. As you finish telling the story, fold the rainbow up into the sky. You will have both a play and a picture show of the story of Noah’s ark.

animal cut outs

Illustrated by Julie F. Young

Noah’s Ark
Noah preaching
People trying to kill Noah
Noah receiving revelation
Noah and his family building ark
Animals entering the ark
Rain falling
Ark floating
Ark landing on mountaintop
Dove returning with leaf
Noah’s family leaving ark
Rainbow over ark on dry earth