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“Childviews,” Friend, Oct. 2002, inside front cover


The Still, Small Voice

“Mama! Mama! I’m sorry I got all wet, but Jalen was blowing bubbles in the pool!” Jordan shouted.

Jordan’s mother raced outside to find his baby cousin, Jalen, lying purple and lifeless on the deck of the pool near the stairs. She gathered up his body and began to pat his back. Jalen began to cough up lots of water.

Jalen’s parents had been upstairs. They rushed downstairs and took him to the doctor. Jalen’s PaPa and Grandma went with them. Then everyone began to notice that Jordan was soaking wet from head to toe—clothes, shoes, and all.

“Jordan, you are so brave! You pulled Jalen out of the pool without even taking time to take off even your shoes,” his mother said. “What happened?”

“When I went outside, I saw Jalen in the middle of the pool, and he was blowing bubbles. He was so scary looking that I didn’t want to touch him. But I got in the water and pulled him to the stairs. I didn’t know what to do next, so I went to get you.”

Jordan’s Aunt Amberly went to help him find some dry clothes. She asked, “If Jalen was so scary that you didn’t want to touch him, how did you know what to do?”

“Something told me what to do,” he told his aunt.

“Do you know that the feeling you had was like a still, small voice telling you what to do? Do you remember from Primary who the still small voice is?”

“I know—it was the Holy Ghost,” Jordan said. “I’m glad I listened to Him.”

Jordan Jones, age 6 (as told by his Aunt Dawn)
Tupelo, Mississippi

Fishing Trip

Two of my brothers, their friend Kent, and I decided to go on a fishing trip. We were just going to canoe to the beach, eat, fish, and go back home. At first, things went smoothly. We went to the beach and ate. But on our way back home, the wind kept pushing us away from home. I prayed hard, and finally we got home. I’m glad Heavenly Father helped us. I know that we couldn’t have done it without Him.

Natasha Watts, age 9
Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Reading the Friend

Hi! We’re writing to tell you that we read the Friend. Our favorite things have always been Kitchen Krafts and Funstuf!

Callie and Haley Harshman, ages 11 and 9
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Jalen Brown and Jordan Jones