Handprint Flower

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“Handprint Flower,” Friend, May 2001, 33

Handprint Flower

To make this flower for your mother or grandmother, you will need: several pieces of colored paper, a pen, scissors, glue, and a picture of yourself that you may cut up.

  1. Place your hand on the colored paper and trace around it. Cut along the outline. Make six of these paper hands.

  2. Arrange the paper hands in a circle with the fingers pointing out. The fingers form the petals of your flower (see illustration).

    Handprint flower

    Photo by Lana Leishman

  3. To make the center of the flower, cut a large circle from the colored paper and glue it on top of the paper hands. Then glue your picture in the middle of the circle (see illustration).

  4. Cut strips of paper for the flower’s stem and leaves, and glue them to the back of the flower (see illustration). If you wish, glue the whole flower onto a larger piece of paper.

  5. Write your name, the date, and a message on the flower.