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“Childviews,” Friend, May 2001, inside back cover


My Baptism

When I got baptized, it was a special time. I felt really good—I’d never had a better day. I learned more things than I ever had on a Sunday. I felt really different when I came out of the water. I knew all of my sins were washed away.

That day I was given a journal to write my feelings and thoughts in. I asked ward members to write in it, too. They wrote that they are happy to have me in the Church and that they are proud of me for choosing the right.

I chose to follow Heavenly Father’s commandments and be baptized. That made me feel happy.

Neil Cain, age 8
Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Throwing Rocks

Once I threw a rock and accidentally hit my friend Kevin on his lip. I had to go to his house to say I was sorry. I was scared, but I remembered that Jesus wants me to say I am sorry when I do something wrong. My dad went with me, and I told Kevin that I was sorry. He said it was OK, and I felt better inside. And we’re still friends.

Jared Green, age 6
West Lafayette, Indiana

Paying Tithing

When I pay my tithing, I feel the Holy Ghost. I know it is a good thing to do. When I was four years old, I went to the temple open house. I felt the Spirit strongly. And when I was baptized, I felt the Spirit strongly. I know by the Spirit that what I am writing is true.

Mary Warner, age 9
Jacksonville, Florida