The Man Who Could Not Walk

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“The Man Who Could Not Walk,” Friend, May 2001, 8

The Man Who Could Not Walk

Chapter 19

Jesus was meeting with many people

One time when Jesus was teaching the gospel, He was in a house with many people. Luke 5:17

A sick man could not get into see Jesus

A few men took a friend on a bed to see Him. The friend could not walk. The men could not get him into the house because of all the people there. Luke 5:18–19

His friends let the man down through the roof

The men took their friend up onto the roof and let him down through it on his bed. Luke 5:19

Jesus healed the man

Knowing the great faith of these men, Jesus told the sick man to pick up his bed and go home. Healed, the man stood up! He picked up his bed and walked home, glorifying (praising) God. Luke 5:20, 24–25

Illustrated by Robert T. Barrett