Family Home Evening Ideas
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“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Friend, Aug. 2000, 5

Family Home Evening Ideas

If your parents ask you to help plan a family home evening, you may want to use an idea from the Friend. Here are some ideas in this issue that you may like (look for the FHE symbol on the [original magazine] pages mentioned):

  1. Read part two of “Journey by Handcart” (pages 2–5) and talk about how these pioneers bore their hardships. How grateful were they for those who came to their aid? As a family, talk about how you can help to lighten someone’s load. Read “How Can I Help?” (IFC) or “Important Promises” (pages 47–48) for some examples.

  2. Talk about some of the help and blessings you have received from Father in Heaven. Then read the Friend to Friend interview with Elder Eran A. Call (pages 6–7). Each night during the week, before offering your evening prayer, think about the blessings of that day and remember to give thanks for them.

  3. Tell or read the story “The Promise” (pages 8–10). What might have happened if Hyrum Andrew McBride had not kept his bargain with Mr. Miller? What earthly blessings can come when we honor the covenants we make? What eternal blessings are we promised? Review the things you have promised to do this week.

  4. Make the flannel-board figures and use them to tell the story “The Army of Helaman” (pages 34–35). If one of the stripling warriors went to your school, how do you think he would behave? Play the “Stripling Warriors Game” (pages 24–25). Sing “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” (Children’s Songbook, page 172).

  5. After telling the story “Lawn-Mowing Service” (pages 21–23), ask your family to list the reasons Jeff discovered for giving service. Resolve to serve in your home this week for the best reason.

  6. Make “‘Dusty’ Popcorn” (page 32) for a treat, or invite a neighbor family over for a family home evening lesson and then cook an outdoor meal together (see page 27).