Cindy’s Treasures
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“Cindy’s Treasures,” Friend, Aug. 2000, 30–31

Cindy’s Treasures

A true story

There’s a right way to live and be happy; It is choosing the right ev’ry day (Children’s Songbook, pages 160–161).

  1. “Mom, can I look for buried treasure?” Cindy asked.

    Her mother looked up from the book she was reading and said, “Of course, but stay around the camp.”

  2. “I will.” Cindy loved camping with her family and looking for buried treasure. She picked up a small shovel and a blue bag.

  3. As she walked around the camp, she found a gray feather. “I wonder what bird lost this?” she said as she put it into her blue bag.

  4. A few feet farther away, she saw something shiny sticking out of the dirt. With her shovel, she dug up a small stone. Cindy rolled the stone in her hands and said, “Jesus made this.” She put the stone into her blue bag with the feather.

  5. Cindy noticed tiny purple flowers growing everywhere. She knew that she was not supposed to pick the flowers, so she got down on her knees and smelled their sweet fragrance.

  6. Cindy walked some more. In a clump of tall grass, she spotted a baby rabbit and said, “I wonder where its mother is?” She didn’t put the baby rabbit into her bag, either.

  7. Then she noticed something strange in the dirt. She began to dig. In seconds she dug up a rusty tin can. It wasn’t pretty like the other things she had found. She was going to bury it again, then remembered what her parents and Primary teachers had taught her about choosing the right. She knew that the right thing to do was to put it into her bag, take it back to camp, and throw it into the trash bag.

  8. Cindy began to sing her favorite Primary song, “Choose the Right Way.”* As she sang, she continued to enjoy the treasures Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ had put all around her.

  • Children’s Songbook, pages 160–161.

Illustrated by Julie F. Young