Make a Cloud

    “Make a Cloud,” Friend, Oct. 1997, 11

    Make a Cloud

    Note: Because very hot water is needed, get your parents’ permission first.

    To make a cloud, you will need: a wide-mouthed, glass jar—like mayonnaise, pickles, or olives come in—a flashlight, hot water, and a metal tray of ice cubes.

    1. Take all these things into a very dark room. Before you turn off the light, carefully pour about an inch of the hot water into the jar and set the tray of ice cubes on top of the jar.

    2. Now turn on your flashlight. Shine the beam through the jar’s middle, and you’ll see a small cloud floating there, just like a “grown-up” one.

    Your little cloud was created in the same way as the big ones we see in the sky. Warm air from the earth floats upward until it merges with cool air high above the earth. With your small cloud, warm air from the hot water floated up to mix with the cool air under the tray of ice cubes. In both cases, a cloud is formed.

    Clouds hold moisture, and when the water gets too heavy, the moisture falls from the clouds as rain. Your cloud will probably be too tiny to make a shower, but how great to actually make a cloud!