Listen, Listen!

    “Listen, Listen!” Friend, Oct. 1997, 26

    Listen, Listen!

    Can you figure out these phrases from Primary songs? Here’s a hint: Sound them out.

    You might like to use this activity in a family home evening and sing the songs after you guess them. For those who have the Children’s Songbook, after each phrase, we have put the page number where that song can be found.

    1. Thutch appled orse (156)

    2. Eye off in go wok king (202)

    3. Thug ole dimple eights (86)

    4. Wants their wuzzas know man (249)

    5. It saw tumtime (246)

    6. Eye bee leaf in bee in gon ist (149)

    7. Fam Lee—his story—eye yam doing it (94)

    8. Eye one derwin Heek um sagin (82)

    9. Moth third ear aisle of view sew (206)

    10. Win thuff am league it stew gether (194)

    11. Two bee a pie on ear (218)


    • (1) “The chapel doors,” (2) “I often go walking,” (3) “The golden plates,” (4) “Once there was a snowman,” (5) “It’s autumntime,” (6) “I believe in being honest,” (7) “Fam’ly history—I am doing it,” (8) “I wonder, when he comes again,” (9) “Mother dear, I love you so,” (10) “When the fam’ly gets together,” (11) “To be a pioneer.”