Good Books for Little Friends

    “Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, Oct. 1997, 33

    Good Books for Little Friends

    I’m Not Sleepy by Denys Cazet Alex isn’t sleepy, so his father tells him his “‘no-matter-how-wide-awake-you-are-I-can-make-you-sleepy sleepy story.’” And it works—sort of.

    The Grumpalump by Sarah Hayes No matter what the other animals did, the grumpalump grumped. But when the gnu came and started blowing, things changed and the other animals were surprised. The humorous art enhances the text.

    Riding with Aunt Lucy by Sharon Phillips Denslow Aunt Lucy is seventy years old and has been driving for just eight years, so she drives a lot, trying to make up for all the years she didn’t drive. Walter and his friend Leonard often go with her. One day they picked up a new “friend” on a farm on No End Road. Riding with Aunt Lucy was always a lot of fun!

    The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills Minna wanted to go to school, but she had no coat. Papa died, and the quilting ladies made one for her out of rags and lined with the burlap feed sack that he had used to carry her to church. When she wore it to school, the other children laughed at her. But something Papa had told her helped her, and the other children learned about what is really important.